Meet Paul

Paul Karasik is one of America’s leading sales and management consultants. He is the President of The Business Institute, a sales and management training and consulting organization. Paul has devoted 18 years helping America’s business professionals achieve their goals. He is the creator of eight sales and management programs. Paul’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of American business. His client list includes Prudential, Mercedes Benz, AT&T, IBM, New York Life, and Shell Oil. Paul is the author of four all-time business classics: Sweet Persuasion and Sweet Persuasion for Managers, published by Simon and Schuster, and How To Make It Big in the Seminar Business and Seminar Selling for Financial Services, published by McGraw-Hill. His most recent books are Brilliant Thoughts and How to Market to High-Net-Worth Households. He is a frequent speaker and seminar leader at management conferences and advanced sales and marketing programs both nationally and internationally. Paul is the founder and President of the American Seminar Leaders Association.